Tom Ford Lys Fume Perfume

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As with many Donna Karen fragrances, Lys Fume has an oriental base that’s surprisingly sweet. It has notes of lily and almost-indiscernible artemisia, while the soft, powdery base of Styrax is a welcome addition to the composition. Overall, Lys Fume is a great scent, and we recommend it highly. It is quite similar to Gold, which is a lily floral amber, but with a more delicate tone.

LYS FUME is a potent lily fragrance that has a sultry, intoxicating, and long-lasting scent. Lily, a flower often associated with Monet paintings, is the centerpiece of the perfume. Other notes in this floral-spicy blend are labdanum, fruit, plastic,

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Tom Ford Lys Fume Perfume 50ml EDP