Tom Ford Lavender Palm Perfume

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A Tom Ford fragrance, Lavender Palm is an ode to the Californian coastline and the natural vitality of the state. It opens with a bouquet of lavender, citrus, and green ingredients like vetiver, lavanda and limao azedo. The composition is completed with vetiver and palm leaf. Overall, this fragrance is both feminine and exotic, perfect for those who want a floral fragrance with a little oomph.

A scent that smells like baby powder and irises, the talcum powder note in Lavender Palm is a little disconcerting. It must come from oleander plants, which have a talcum-like floral note and a hint of pollen sweetness. The juxtaposition between this floral note and the earthy vetiver and herbal notes of lavender and clary sage is a little disconcerting. As a result, it borders on the discordant. The smell is almost like a hybrid of Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The fragrance has an aquatic “seaweed” smell at first, but soon becomes metallic. Luckily, the addition of cumin prevents it from smelling like one of the hundred or so common aquatic scents. The base is a dark, leathery mixture. The aquatic chemical note is a persistent part of the scent, but it isn’t overwhelming. Instead, the lavender is surrounded by a dark, woodsy undertone that lingers a while.

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Tom Ford Lavender Palm Perfume 50ml EDP