Metallique Tom Ford Women Perfume

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Introducing the newest Tom Ford fragrance: Metallique. This multi-layered scent is perfect for fall. It features a warm, metallic base and a floral heart. The scent begins with notes of bergamot and pink pepper, which are followed by the floral heart center notes of heliotrope and hawthorn. The base notes are rich and complex, with hints of muguet and vanilla.

Despite its evocative name, this scent is actually a pretty safe choice. The perfume’s composition is essentially a mash-up of aldehydes and special effects, but the effect is not disturbing. Instead, the fragrance makes everything seem oddly familiar, like they aren’t quite the same things you’d expect. Regardless of how familiar these elements are, they seem to pop out from the perfume’s mist and disappear back into it.

Oud Wood is the most popular Tom Ford perfume. This scent is so popular that it even has its own line within the company’s Private Blend. Oud Fleur, Tobacco Oud, and Oud Wood are all within this line. Tobacco Oud is the daring of the three, focusing on dark tobacco and oud. Oud Fleur, on the other hand, focuses on the florals of rose, and Oud Wood is an all-around favorite.

The latest Tom Ford Perfume is Lavender Extreme, inspired by his ex-wife’s love for lavender. Lavender Extreme has a delicate balance of woods and sweet floral notes, and it’s a hit with Tom Ford fans everywhere. Another scent from the Signature line is Soleil Blanc, with notes of lemon, mandarin orange, and grapefruit. It’s an exotic combination that is unique, classy, and timeless.

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Metallique Tom Ford Perfume 100ml EDP, Metallique Tom Ford Perfume 50ml EDP


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