Costa Azzurra Tom Ford Unisex Perfume

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If you are interested in trying Tom Ford’s newest fragrance, Costa Azzurra, you’re in luck. This woody citrus fragrance has a hint of mastic and balsam on the top notes. Afterward, it is balanced with a light creaminess and a hint of fruity sweetness. If you’re unsure, try smelling the sample before purchasing it.

When choosing a Tom Ford perfume for women, try one that offers a light mist of scent that trails behind the wearer. Sillage is very short, but the scent lingers long and is pleasant, but don’t use too much. A single spray should last about two hours. If you want a strong, lingering scent, try a more pronounced fragrance, like Tom Ford’s Gucci & Gucci.

Aside from being a good choice for spring and summer months, Costa Azzurra by Tom Ford is perfect for the warmer months. The notes of sea salt, lavender, and white musk are calming and soothing. While it doesn’t have the staying power of Black Orchid, it’s still worth wearing, especially during the spring and summer months when you go out more often and people are more likely to notice your scent.

When applying a Tom Ford perfume, make sure to moisturize the skin first. A moisturized skin is more likely to hold the fragrance, so be sure to apply a light layer of moisturizer before sprinkling your clothes. Similarly, make sure to avoid spraying Costa Azzurra onto silk or wool. This may lead to an odor-filled clothing and a stained silk blouse.

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Costa Azzurra Tom Ford Perfume 100ml EDP, Costa Azzurra Tom Ford Perfume 50ml EDP


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