Tom Ford Champaca Absolute Perfume

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In 2009, Tom Ford launched a new version of his Champaca Absolute fragrance. Its top notes include cognac, while its base notes include amber and sandalwood. The Tom Ford Champaca Absolute Perfume is a powerful perfume that will keep you fresh and smelling great for hours. If you have a love affair with cognac, you’ll want to give this new perfume a try.

The initial scent is intense and floral. But as it wears on, it becomes less pronounced. The perfume is not for those who don’t like musk, jasmine, or magnolia. It is also not for people who hate the intense fruity notes or animalistic notes of many other scents. Instead, you should pause before purchasing Tom Ford Champaca Absolute Perfume.

Its name is a play on words: ‘black orchid.’ The essence of this flower comes from the genus Champaca. This rare and expensive flower must be collected by the thousands in order to create just one bottle of fragrance. The heart of this fragrance is the precious white flower and the layers of other ingredients give it an intriguing dimension. A Tom Ford Champaca Absolute Perfume Review

You can buy Tom Ford Champaca Absolute Perfumed Eau de Cologne in most department stores or online. But this is not an easy task. The bottle of Tom Ford Champaca Absolute Perfume is large and heavy and can cause a headache. However, if you’re careful, you can get a bottle of the fragrance and enjoy it for a long time.

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Tom Ford Champaca Absolute 50ml EDP